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Silent Smoke Detector with Bed Shaker

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Where there's smoke, there's the potential for danger. Become aware of it and the potential for fire with the Medallion™ Series Smoke Detector with Transmitter. When the photocell detector senses the presence of smoke, the built-in transmitter broadcasts a signal to any Medallion™ Series Mini Receiver. Easy to install in any room, it is powered by a long-life, 3-volt lithium battery for round-the-clock, 24-hour protection. 

Re: the mini-receiver (black item)

Bright, brighter or brightest - a three-way strobe light alerts you to events and threats throughout your home or office with the Medallion™ Series Mini Receiver. Compatible with all Medallion™ Series Transmitters, it even identifies specific alerts with color LED icons for sound, telephone calls, doorbells, fire and smoke, weather emergencies and carbon monoxide.  Easy to use, it plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet, and includes a backup battery. It also allows you to select bright-brighter-brightest strobe settings, and works with the optional Bed Vibrator (VIB-PJ). Place one on your end table, night stand or other flat surface.